Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Google Gadgets for your site

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Google Gadgets used to be for Google pages. That has now changed.

Now you can checkout the gadgets and download code to put on your own sites.

Google Gadgets for the whole web has a few limitations, which gadget authors should be aware of when writing gadgets for third-party webpages. To ensure that your gadget will support distribution across the web, take note of these important facts:

  • Make sure your gadget supports 200-pixel content widths for placement on third-party web pages. While Google Personalized Homepage gadgets have an average width of 250 pixels, assume third-party web pages will have even smaller widths. Otherwise, you may start receiving complaint emails about annoying horizontal scroll bars.
  • You cannot store data or state for gadgets embedded on third-party web pages. If your gadget contains code to do so, it will silently fail.
  • Inlined gadgets cannot be added to third-party web pages, and will not appear in our directory of gadgets for your webpage.
  • Since inlined gadgets are not supported, embedded gadgets cannot modify third-party webpages for obvious reasons.

The widget/gadget/components keep growing.

Google Gadgets for You

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I LOVE Google gadgets…. I don’t have a web page but I use them for my laptop desktop. My laptop goes everywhere with me and everyone uses it for the information that Google provides with a touch of a button. Thanks for all the fun stuff…

Comment by Sherry Hoer — April 19, 2007

Not old the official gadgets directory is growing. Third party alternatives such as Google Modules and Google Mini Apps(our own directory) are getting quite big. There will probably be more and more directories such as this since google cant possibly keep up with all the additions.

Comment by Igoogle-Fan — November 2, 2007

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