Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Google has acquired JotSpot

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First Writely, and now JotSpot. Google is really fleshing out their platform, and now the great rich collaboration tools of JotSpot are in the bag.

The future isn’t with emailing Word attachments, and I think we are going to see a nice vision from the Google campus (and others).

Abe Fettig was speaking on WYSIWYG editors at the show last week, and now he can put that knowledge to good use at Google too. This will hopefully mean more adoption of great Ajax technology.

Congrats to all concerned.

I wonder if they looked / are looking into buying Atlassian. Integrating JIRA into code.google.com would be a great thing.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:07 am

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JotSpot aquired by Google!

the official Google blog just has announced the aquisition of JotSpot, a well-known player in the market of collaborative wiki- & online-office products reviewed some time ago. while few key-modules of JotSpot (spreadsheets, word processing) are a…

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It’s Wiki Week: Jotspot Acquired by Google Just as SocialText integrates with SharePoint

Dion at Ajaxian writes that the future isn’t with emailing Word attachments. Nor will it stop at online document sharing. Following the release of Google Docs Spreadsheets earlier this month, Google announced this morning that it’s acquired JotSpot, …

Trackback by isabel says — October 31, 2006

So does this mean that JotSpot will be FREE?

I had a 14-Day JotSpot account and I really liked it but there was now way I was going to shell out cash to use it.

Comment by Jay — October 31, 2006

While I love JIRA, I would think that this makes any Atlassian moves much less likely. Google Code already overlaps with JIRA quite a bit, and Jotspot overlaps even more with Confluence.

Comment by ikon — October 31, 2006

any ideas as to what this will mean for Dojo? Support from Google maybe?

Comment by Sean — October 31, 2006

wow, Congrats to Alex Russell and the rest of the JotSpot team… that’s awesome. Through the Ajaxian podcasts, it was easy to get a heads-up on what Jot Spot was through Alex Russell, and what its general target was for the future. Cool vision, and thanks Ajaxians for the great updates keeping all in the community up to speed.

Comment by Mark Holton — October 31, 2006


I no longer work at Jot (I’m now at SitePen), but I second your congrats to the entire Jot team. They’ve done a great job, and it’ll be awesome to see their “application platform cleverly disguised as a wiki” wind up in the hands of even more of the people who can benefit from it.


Comment by Alex Russell — October 31, 2006

You meant, “fleshing out”, surely?

Comment by Alan Green — October 31, 2006

Not sure about any looks from Google to Atlassian…but I do see after they acquired Jot…they killed the enterprise version…and that just leaves a number of companies no doubt scrambling for a platform. Already Atlassian has a migration offer to Confluence. No doubt there will be others as well.

Comment by Alan — October 31, 2006

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webmail has had WYSIWYG editors for a long time

Comment by Justin — May 3, 2007

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