Monday, June 7th, 2010

Google I/O Sessions for Web Devs

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The Google I/O sessions are now live. I/O was a big event this year, and the press liked to focus on the splashy double headed keynotes (day 1: go web!, day 2: go Android :/).

The bulk of the real content from Google engineers was very solid indeed, and there are gems for Web developers out there.

I wanted to highlight a slew of these:

GWT + HTML5 can do what?!

Remember the GWT Quake goodness from April 1st? The crew behind it are back giving a talk about the tech behind it. There are many gems in here, such as the image library by Ray Cromwell that has software and hardware back ends (WebGL). Watching the photoshop-esque filters running via WebGL makes you drool.

There were other GWT sessions:

HTML5 and Chrome

Google used the “HTML5” word a loooot that week. Here is a blending of talks, part open Web, part Chrome itself.

Ian Fette kicks off a session on HTML5 support:

Oh, and have some fun with Ignite:

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May I suggest a feature? I would love to have a retweet button here. Thanks.

Comment by pablolarah — June 7, 2010

Oh yeah, just what the world needs, another person retweeting a news entry from a website.

Comment by BonoboBoner — June 7, 2010

The WebGL stuff is amazing. The Quake II port is impressive (especially the mechanics of how they did it), but I was most impressed by the photoshop filters on live video. This is stuff that seemed impossible to ever do in javascript, and yet through clever wrapping of the hardware in API’s, here it is, on the verge of shipping in production browsers.

Comment by Joeri — June 8, 2010

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