Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Google Maps: Street View and Mapplets

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When I first saw the new Street View functionality that has appeared in the Google Maps preview I was obviously impressed.

We have seen other companies taking photos of the content, but being able to walk around the Map was very cool. If I am visiting a new building, or area, I find myself checking out the area before I drive there, as it is a lot easier to find the end point if you have seen it, and walked around the outside.

Google Maps Street View

There was also a release of Mapplets, which are embeddable Google Maps mashups. You are able to overlay multiple mashups onto the one map, which means that you can combine the old favourites: HousingMaps.com and ChicagoCrime.org to make sure you get your new home in a decent area!

What is exciting about these new features is that we have more tools to play with (writting Mapplets), and a nice showcase of using Flash within an Ajax application (Maps).

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:30 am

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that’s much more than impressive

Comment by Ivan — May 30, 2007

That is quite incredible. However, I’d like to see some street views in Scotland ;)

very very impressive.

Comment by Dougal Matthews — May 30, 2007

This really kicks some serious a…
Have you noticed how some images have 4 levels of zoom ? Impressive, at the very least …

Comment by Zion — May 30, 2007

There is already a list of interesting find using Street View:


Comment by Fred — May 30, 2007

No wonder the next Grand Theft Auto looks so realistic…

Comment by Aaron Newton — May 30, 2007

Hum, didn’t Microsoft do that months ago?

Comment by Bertrand Le Roy — May 30, 2007

Scratch that. The rotation transitions are quite a bit nicer on the Google version. :)

Comment by Bertrand Le Roy — May 30, 2007

What really does it for me is that the roads are drawn onto the photos, very cool.

Comment by Adam Sanderson — May 30, 2007

20 votes and all 5? no way! Google is the new MS in the skin of a sheep. It reads you emails ( gmail) tracks what you surf (search + analytics + double click) tracks where you go (google maps) and now takes your picture passing by streets!

keep clapping until is too late…

Comment by Bob — May 30, 2007

Technologically amazing, but the interface sucks. navigating backwards and forwards, even with the keyboard, is a real chore. Top marks for wow factor though.

Comment by Tamlyn Rhodes — May 30, 2007

Pretty cool, although they need to do Chicago.

Comment by Matt — May 30, 2007

Check out this hottie coming out of the disney store:


Comment by Julian — May 30, 2007

Bob, do like I do and install Adblock in Firefox and block everything from google-analytics.com and google-syndication.com.

* If you use the google toolbar, the URI of the page that you’re visiting is sent to google for page rank info, which means they know that your IP went to that page at a certain time.

* If you’re logged into your gmail account, it know knows *who* is searching and visiting pages. If you’re using the toolbar, it always knows.

* Go to a page with adsense and it knows that *you* are visiting that page, even if you didn’t find it through google.

The level of data aggregation that Google has amassed is incredible, yet slightly frightening. I’d say that in the next year or two others will begin to discover just how much Google knows about you and Google will begin to see a backlash.

Comment by Also Paranoid — May 31, 2007

matt wins the radikewl wicked comment award.

Comment by theDRZA — May 31, 2007

I added all the best “Google Street View” here : http://www.geo-trotter.com/cat-street-view.php.

Comment by Geo-Trotter — June 3, 2007

This is really amazing…but I don’t think that respect the privacy of the people in the photos.
A question, do you know if google have done an API to let us put directly our photos on the map?

Comment by Roberto — June 4, 2007

What about streetview in Canada? Believe it or not there is alot goin’ on there, too.

Comment by Melissa — October 21, 2007

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