Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Google Maps Utilities for Creating Markers and Loading KML

Category: Mapping

<>p>I know, I know, this is a bit niche but, given the ubiquity of embedded Google Maps (and having done my fair share of Google Maps hacking), I found two utilities from CloudSync interesting.

The first is a web-based interface for playing around with putting custom markers on a map (i.e., the GIcon and GMarker APIs). As a bonus, the tool generates the JavaScript you’ll need as you play with the UI; there’s an associated blog entry.

The second is CSGeoXML, a handy wrapper API that makes it easy to overlay local KML files into an embedded Google Map. This works around a limitation in the Google Maps GGeoXML API that requires that KML files be located on a publicly accessible server. There’s also a blog entry for this one.

Thanks to Matt Bernier for sharing these with us.

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