Friday, July 21st, 2006

Google Paint

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Google Paint is more Friday Fun :)

Google Paint

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:08 pm

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I was hoping that “Google Paint” had been updated. I want spraycans dammit! Well we can’t have everything.

Comment by Nater Kane — July 21, 2006

bah, not really Google

Comment by Ken Fehling — July 21, 2006

Google Paint

Google Paint って、また Google の新手のサービスかと思った。

Trackback by orioa — July 21, 2006

google stole this paint program from me :lol:

Comment by anusharaji — July 22, 2006

hey hey
google stole this paint program from me :lol:

Comment by anusharaji — July 22, 2006

a) This guy is going to get sued. He claims it’s a parody, but parody implies some sort of exaggeration for comic effect, not just a lame attempt to dress something up so it looks like something else.

b) This would be impressive if anything worked. Implementing a brush and a pencil tool, and then sprinkling in a bunch of non-functional icons doesn’t cut it. If I write a bouncing ball script, can I claim to have written the next metroid? No.

Must be a slow news day.

Comment by Crack Wilding — July 22, 2006

lighten up Crack
With a name like that youd think youd know how to have a laugh!

Comment by Matt — July 24, 2006

Nice work Stuart. Its definitely a good start but still you have to put some efforts into that.
Lots of the things are “unimplemented” yet. may be it will grow more powerful than tht creepy microsoft paint tool.
Read a nice review of Google Paint on Google Logs.

Comment by Gautam Kishore — July 24, 2006

If you want something that really works and lets you share your drawings on a big canvas, try

Comment by Tim — July 25, 2006

Hey Tim, I like that site for drawings too. Google paint is just another invasion of them into the market. Anyway. Interesting.

Comment by Don Lapre Fan — October 27, 2006

Here you can draw with your friends together in REAL TIME, you see what others paint and can influence their image:

Visit and have fun.

Comment by Marc — May 24, 2007

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