Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Google Reader Fresh Look

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The initial Google Reader launched to mixed reviews. Google has learnt from some of the critisism and has launched a new beta that has many changes:

  • Expanded view and list view
  • Simplified sharing functionality
  • Improved read-state management
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Unread counts
  • Mark all as read
  • and a bunch more…

The list view stands out, as it shows how Google Reader could merge with GMail in the future (Yahoo! Mail has integrated RSS already). This makes sense to me, as what is the difference between the two? Subscribing to an RSS feed is pretty similar to subscribing to a mailing list.

Google Reader


Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:05 pm

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Yeah, this is a great improvement. G reader is da shit ;)

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — September 29, 2006

This looks like a major step forward from where Google Reader was before. It was basically unusable before. Personally, I’m a Bloglines addict and find Google’s moves a step in the right direction, but don’t think this will get me to make the move. I’ll give it a try, since that’s easy enough, but will probably end up sticking with Bloglines.

Comment by Ed Kohler — September 29, 2006

I disagree – the new UI is completely overwhelming. I feel like I just walked into a used car dealership – you want content?! we got CONTENT! omg stop screaming! The text on the page bleeds together into an alphabet soup – they need clearer visual boundaries on the page elements – I would submit Newshutch as an example of a UI that nails feed presentation.

Comment by matt — September 29, 2006

Feeds may be like subscribing to a mailing list but it isn’t like personal email. One can read feeds and mailing lists in a “river of news” view but you wouldn’t do that with your other email. So maybe that is where the different comes in, rather than between email and feeds.

Comment by Paul Watson — September 29, 2006

I stick with Netvibes…

Comment by Bart — September 29, 2006

> the new UI is completely overwhelming.

I couldn’t disagree more. This UI is clean and usable. 1000% better than the old google reader.

> I stick with Netvibes…

Not me. I’m dumping vibes now.

Comment by jazzy — September 29, 2006

I think the “share” feature is really pretty cool.

Comment by Tim — September 29, 2006

The new UI is a step backwards. Why waste all that space with a list of feeds? I don’t care what feeds I’m subscribed to, I care about the headlines. Sure, spiff up the old reader, but don’t just produce another poorly thought out, email-client-ui inspired feed reader. If I wanted that, I wouldn’t have left Bloglines in the first place.

Comment by Marc — September 29, 2006

I L-O-V-E the smart scrolling. It’s awesome!

Comment by Oliver Tse — September 29, 2006

We love google reader here at Rent back direct.

Comment by rent back — November 22, 2007

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