Monday, August 6th, 2007

Google Talk client in JavaScript

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Zhou Renjian has a new demo

Also Simple Pipe was used to create and maintain a Comet connection between client/browser and server (Tomcat). A looping-query can be used instead for chatting, but the current demo does not switch to that mode.

After the demo was implemented and tested in Java the Java2Script compiler was used to convert all Java sources into JavaScript. After deploying the application, I took some time working on optimizations which included lazy loading, lazy creating, and virtual list views, which were musts for quick loading and response. I talk a little about these optimizations here.

Google Talk in JavaScript

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It seems that “Simple Pipe” link is broken and some paragraphs are lost between. For example, sentences started with “I” should be quoted passages.

Comment by Zhou Renjian — August 6, 2007

A lot of English mistakes, but a lot of really good ideas on his blog.

Comment by Arthur — August 8, 2007


Comment by mmhan — August 10, 2007

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