Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Google Visualization joins the Ajax APIs

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Yoah Bar-David & Itai Raz of Google have introduces the latest Ajax API: Google Visualization API, a new API designed for visualizing structured data.

There is a large visualization gallery that can show you some of the visualizations that you can use.

You tie into the API as you do with other Google Ajax APIs:


  1. google.load("visualization", "1");
  3. var q = new google.visualization.Query(DATA_SOURCE_URL);
  4. q.setQuery("select A, sum(D) group by A");
  5. q.send(responseHandlerCallback);

Take a look at this very cool example that the Gapminder team came up with (click on play)

This complements the Google Chart API, which just lifted its limits on the number of calls for charts.

NOTE: Google I/O is a conference being held at San Francisco on May 28-29 2008. APIs like this will be talked about. I will be there. And lots of good folks will be there (Steve Souders, Mark Lucovsky, Guido van Rossum, Jeff Dean, Chris DiBona, Josh Bloch).

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I was wondering when Google was going introduce something that used the GapMinder model. I’ve seen several of Rosling’s talks that are posted on the web and GapMinder looks like an amazing product. I remember being excited to hear Google purchased GapMinder and thinking about the possibilities.

Comment by jshell — March 19, 2008

Anybody else having trouble displaying this? I’m running IE6/XP.

Comment by dearsina — March 20, 2008

Very intresting

Comment by Tribulus — September 22, 2008

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