Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Google Web Editor – Rumour

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Google is *rumoured* to be working on an Ajax web page editor:

Google has a project codenamed trogdor, an ajax webpage editor for creating web pages. = geocities except with a javascript page creator.

Google or not, an Ajax-style GeoCities makes sense. We’ve seen portal-like editors like Dobrado that make light work of page creation by novices. Even Protopage makes a good editor for someone who wants to whip up a quick homepage. We also have many rich text editors being used in production, such as JotSpot‘s use of the Dojo Rich Text Editor.

Tools like these not only make basic HTML generation a breeze, but could also help create some Ajax features too. Imagine a Portlet editor using drag-and-drop to set up the link flow. Another example is a Live Search widget, allowing all pages managed by the user to be searched.

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Hello, look at

Comment by Maik — July 11, 2006

very good

Comment by boscohxy — August 22, 2006

I would really love to see what the big G comes up with :-)

Comment by Phil de Fontenay — September 17, 2006

I know really goode Ajax editor – 1st JavaScript Editor.
There are some else not bad Ajax editors.

Comment by Igor — November 10, 2006

which books do you suggest about ajax ?

Comment by posizionamento google — December 16, 2006

“Foundations of Ajax” and “Ajax in Action”.

Comment by Igor — January 11, 2007

It’s called Page Creator and it definitely exists. It would never work for a real business’ website but it is very Geocities.

Comment by Dylan — May 8, 2007

Excellent web site I will be visiting often

Comment by url redirect — July 13, 2007

this has helped me so much!!! thanks

Comment by Web Hosting Reviews — August 19, 2007

My guess is that these websites will only be accessible through Google AdWords.

Comment by internettmarkedsforing — January 18, 2008

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