Monday, February 13th, 2006 Ajax-driven Google Zeitgeist

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Martin Källström and his team have created a real-time Zeitgeist with Google Cloud.

As people run searches, the cloud grows in real-time.

You can also create your own private google cloud to keep amount your social network. That allows your group to keep in sync and find out the “cool things” that are being searched for.

It is also nice to make fun of Bob for searching for “Britney Spears” yet again ;)

Google Cloud

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:20 am

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good idea

Comment by haitabavideo — February 13, 2006

Good but I wonder how better it is than the Yahoo based Tag Cloud.

Comment by Kashif Aziz — February 13, 2006

A very creative idea and better get the Greasemonkey script people!

Comment by Chrono Cr@cker — February 13, 2006

I agree, this is nice work.

I particularly like the ‘private cloud’ feature (being about to create your own or shared cloud). The global one is really pretty much useless, and at best vaguely interesting, but sharing a cloud within a project group or community of practice could be really interesting. (Although, possible also disturbing!)

Comment by leisa — February 13, 2006

[…] Ajax-driven Google Zeitgeist interesting… at the meta level, completely useless to me, although probably v. interesting to social theorists. Combine it with friends/groups/communities of practice and suddenly v. useful (tags: web2.0 searchresults google mashup interactiondesign) […]

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[…] Posted in tradethis by Martin on February 20, 2006. Actually we did not at all anticipate the traffic Googlecloud got when we launched it last week. Thank you everybody who put the word out! Big thanks to Ajaxian who was the first blog to announce Googlecloud. […]

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