Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

GPokr: Ajax Poker App

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Ryan Dewsbury has written a multiplayer ajax poker application written with GWT.

The front end is written with Java which the google web toolkit compiles to javascript. This is an impressive task that GWT does and so far, even though the toolkit is beta, seems seamless. The front end talks to a java servlet on the backend through an RPC layer on top of XMLHttpRequest. The server sends events back to the clients through the same RPC mechanism so that the players at the table always have an updated rendering.

Watch out Party Poker! :)


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:35 am

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Need a close/cancel button on the login/create player dialog.

Comment by Xapp — July 25, 2006

Thanks for the post. I appreciate everyone checking it out. The server seems to be taking it well so far. Looks like an ajaxian reader has also decided to digg it.

Xapp: Putting a cancel button on that window is definitely on my todo list.


Comment by Ryan Dewsbury — July 25, 2006

Im also working on a Poker Game with Javascript and PHP using no librarys at all. At the moment i’m working on an mechanism to evaluate the hand strenghs… when its done i will surely post again!


Comment by arne — August 19, 2006


Comment by BLUFFIN — August 31, 2006

People have sent alot of messages to you about the web site kicking people off and you have done nothing about it. Either fix it or let someone who knows what their doing run it. You have alot of people playing, you need to do it right or get out. Why do you make us wait us in California wait until your time to play? Come on Ryan…….think about it.

Comment by Bluffin — September 1, 2006

Hi Bluffin,

Thanks for continuing to play through September we’ve all enjoyed your company at the tables.

I think what you’re referring to in your comments is the old server and the fact that gpokr shuts down at the end of the month for 12 hours to calculate scores and I posted the startup time in EST. This month I provided a countdown timer to avoid confusion.


Comment by Ryan Dewsbury — October 4, 2006


I have been playing Gpokr for the 5th month now with great pleasure, with 1 one of my profiles i have achief 3 medalls, from which 1 blue one. This month will be strong again( ;-) ) . The thing which really bothers me is that the site freezes up so often, and almost always in the middle of a big hand, how come ?
Second of all the parameters for the scores and the percentages have not been working for about 3 months now, why isn’t it being fixed yet ?
Further more only postive, but the lag…..is frustrating some times.

Greetings from a big Amsterdam Gpokr fan ( and with me many more Dutch)

Comment by Bob de Bree — October 10, 2007

For the record I like it a lot.
However, poker for me is not a card game. At least in the programming sense and as far as software games are concerned. Actually, what I mean is that it is not a trick-taking game which is what I consider a “real” card game. Sorry, but thats just my opinion.

Anyway, there is an AJAX card game out there. Its http://www.Preff.net but its likely that you won’t be able to play because the game is specific to Eastern Europe. If you know the game SKAT then you may pick up fast.

Comment by Pedja — October 29, 2007

Gpokr is freezing on me a lot. I’m a fan of this ajax poker application. I just wish it was a little smoother. Any updates coming soon?

Comment by FullTilt — May 15, 2008

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Comment by glenix — May 17, 2008

I’ve got to agree with “online poker” here.
Regardless of the end result, the initiative itself is worth recognition. Is there room for improvement? Most definitely. Is it more than I or most others have created (with the exception of a big software company)? Yep.

Party is most likely not seriously quaking in their boots, but this is an excellent platform on which to begin exploration, creation, and expansion. Keep doing what you’re doing. This is how they started. Even if you don’t join the ranks of the world’s largest poker sites, a poker site generating profit is still quite an achievement. Even something that we can play for fun at home is nothing to turn our noses up at. I love Madden Football on my PS. The fact that I don’t make a living playing it doesn’t stop me from enjoying it and appreciating the work of the software developers.

Our own forum administrator is attempting to turn $0 into $10,000 playing poker so he can give it away to charity.

Keep it up…
And thank you.

Comment by donkhard — September 25, 2008

this is my implementation, ajax poker – pokerwood.org

Comment by pokerwood — September 29, 2011

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