Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Graceful Degredation with Prototype, Scriptaculous and Ruby on Rails

Category: Accessibility, JavaScript, Prototype, Ruby

Encytemedia has a series of articles discussing graceful degradation with Ajax and how to handle the issues with Rails, Prototype, and Scriptaculous.

Part one deals with the problem of degrading when the user has Javascript disabled, and illustrates with a couple simple examples.

Part two looks at some possible solutions using Behaviour and the author’s own attempt with Degrader.js.

In part three (not yet posted) everything will be tied together with a sample app in Rails. For further reading, check out “Dispelling the Myths of Javascript Degradation”. Its good to see work being done in this area, as the we definitely needs some better answers then “well, you have enable javascript”.

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Posted by Rob Sanheim at 3:21 am
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This is the kind of stuff I like reading about! There is a fairly significant risk inherent, I think, in building all of this nifty “web 2.0” stuff sans the usual accessibility considerations.

The past few years have been so focused on XHTML + CSS, it would be a crime to see a step backwards now with the addition (and reliance on, or requirement of) Javascript for functionality.

Comment by Scott Schiller — November 18, 2005

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