Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

Grand Strategy – Ajax-enabled Risk Clone

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Ever feel like you want to play a good, forever-lasting game of Risk but just don’t have a board (or are somewhere where you couldn’t play it that way if you wanted?) Well, Bryan Brunton wrote in to tell us about a game inspired by this classic war game that’s fully Ajax enabled – Grand Strategy.

Grand Strategy is a game inspired by the board game Risk. It was implemented using the DWR and DOJO libraries. Java Server Faces is used for session management and localization, but other than that, Grand Strategy is a pure Ajax application.

Simply, head over and register an account to get started. A registration email will be sent and, once you confirm your account, you can get right into the game. There are (usually) several different games to join and different game types to choose from as well as messaging abilities and configurable game creation. The system even allows you to keep track of completed games to map out your progress.

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