Friday, September 26th, 2008

Gravity: Some real Friday fun

Category: Canvas, Fun

Eric Seidel normally spends his time building browsers, but he has a fun little bit of JavaScript code to show us this time. Gravity was inspired by the Flash Wii Ad that has been going around that uses Flash to explode out of the page.

The bookmarklet takes your form elements and images and starts doing the same thing to them, but uses normal browser manipulation and Canvas to do its magic, as well as the Box 2d physics engine.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:56 am

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I can’t get it to run, any suggestions?

Comment by Fyzbo — September 26, 2008

Requires Safari. There goes my Friday fun!

Comment by ragjunk — September 26, 2008

Ha, my friend just shutdown his laptop as he thought it was a virus. Brilliant.


Comment by V1 — September 26, 2008

This was AWESOME :)
What’s with the bad raing….?
It might require watching the whole thing (45 seconds) and even maybe several times before noticing the brilliance :)
Way cool!!

Comment by ThomasHansen — September 26, 2008

No mention of Safari requirement -> waste of my time + waste of subject’s bandwidth => bad rating.

Comment by Steve Clay — September 26, 2008

The worst thing is that it actually works perfectly in recent Firefox nightly… you simply have to replace webkitTransform with MozTransform in import.js and define console.log, that’s it… even without JIT, I have yet to see it stuttering only the slightest bit in today’s nightly.

Comment by Hans Schmucker — September 26, 2008

Works on Chrome, fun :)

S.Clay, sure it’s mentioned you need Safari. Read!

Comment by threepointone — September 26, 2008

For those that enjoyed the Wii YouTube video, there’s also the Homestarrunner 404 page:

Comment by richtaur — September 27, 2008

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