Monday, March 27th, 2006

Grazr: Ajax Feed Reading

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Grazr must be a Web 2.0 company, as it has nuked some vowels, and the ‘zr’ combination is in place.

Grazr lets you build a rich Ajax widget for reading RSS feeds which you can then place on your own site.

It has some nice effects as you zoom around the feeds, but it would be nice to have a quick view piece that shows you more of the content without sending you on your way.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:35 am

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I’m getting a little tired of these Flickr name rip-offs.

Comment by Douglas Clifton — March 27, 2006

[…] I got a reference from Ajaxian today! I’ve been reading Ajaxian for a few months now and I think they do a great job covering javascript, Ajax and related tech. It’s pretty neat to get a mention, thanks guys! They make light of the missing ‘e’ in the name and honestly it *was* supposed to be kind of ironic/funny. […]

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[…] Via Ajaxian, descubro Grazr, un lector de RSS en ajax bastante curioso, creo que puede ser interesante por lo menos usarlo, aunque no es tan completo como otros lectores de fees, como curiosidad esta bien. […]

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Yes, RSS, but more importantly, OPML. Grazr is one of the first (if not the first) Javascript based OPML readers *and* it switches seamlessly between OPML and RSS

Comment by Kingsley — March 27, 2006

FYI: Your comment script is barfing and complaining about your blacklist.

Comment by Kingsley — March 27, 2006

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