Wednesday, June 8th, 2005

GreaseMonkIE to Trixie to Turnabout

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Aren’t you glad that there is only one GreaseMonkey on the Firefox side? As soon as Trixie was announced, another project named Turnabout was put out there, doing a similar thing (Greasemonkey for IE).

What one do we use? I will listen to Dare Obasanjo on this one:

So where does this leave the other recently announced Greasemonkey for Internet Explorer project, Trixie? Turnabout seems like a better bet for a couple of reasons. First of all, Turnabout doesn’t require the .NET Framework like Trixie does. Secondly, Turnabout comes with source code but not with any licensing information which means it is not Open Source. Although Trixie’s source code can be easily deciphered with Reflector, that technically is reverse engineering. Finally and most importantly, the developer of Trixie has stopped work on it now that Turnabout exists.

Download Turnabout

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