Monday, July 28th, 2008

Greg Murray, Ryan Johnson join Aptana to work on Jaxer; ORM and MVC are starter projects

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Paul Colton posted that Aptana has a couple of new recruits in Greg Murray and Ryan Johnson.

Greg Murray was the Ajax guy at Sun, created jMaki, and did a lot of work in organizations such as the Open Ajax Alliance. Ryan Johnson is the creator of the livepipe and object.event Ajax libraries. What are they doing?

Greg’s primary role will be creating increasingly robust application frameworks for Jaxer, Aptana’s open source Ajax server product. Ryan has already been working on MVC concepts for Jaxer and will be collaborating with Greg and the rest of the Jaxer team to drive that and other great concepts for Jaxer forward.

The timing could not be better. Greg and Ryan have joined up just before we get the Jaxer 1.0 release candidate out the door to the whole community (it’s just a matter of days now). This puts us in a great position to start working on some of the next things that’ll be in store for Jaxer in the coming months — and there are some great ideas brewing. For example, Greg and Ryan have already been collaborating with the Jaxer team to create an ActiveRecord-like JavaScript ORM for Jaxer that promises to make working with JavaScript data a pleasure — since it’ll all be native JavaScript!

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Good news for double JS guys:)

Comment by KKFC — July 28, 2008

Great, now we only need the GoF’s 23 patterns implemented in reference implementations before we’ve completely managed to double our entire abstraction model and turned n’tier into (nx2)’tier…
When will they learn…

Comment by polterguy — July 28, 2008

Does anyone actually use Jaxer? I love the idea, but worry about deployment. A zillion places to get a PHP service. With Jaxer, seems like I’m limiting my possibilities.

Comment by Nosredna — July 28, 2008

@Nosredna: I use it on my (very low traffic) personal site. It’s still in beta, and the 1.0 release candidate should come out this week.

Aptana also has their cloud service in private beta, which supports Jaxer among other things. It’s real slick if you’re already using Aptana Studio (where’s the Vim cloud??), and I’m sure Aptana would prefer you to deploy with their service.

With the quality of the technology and the talent behind it, I’m sure the deployment story will come around.

Comment by smith — July 28, 2008

Hmm. I’m using Aptana to build AIR apps and it feels very sluggish. Even compared to other Java editors like Komodo and NetBeans. I keep wishing for some competition in the AIR-building derby.
Maybe I should try turning off all the IDE auto completion smarts.

Comment by Nosredna — July 28, 2008

This comment is more about Aptana Studio than Jaxer. I installed Studio 1.1.6 a few days ago to give it a test run. The feature set, particularly if you are building RoR projects is rather impressive, but the performance as Nosredna mentioned above is grueling. I haven’t tested it on my Mac yet, but on my PC, with an Intel Duo Core 2.4Ghz processor and 2MB of RAM, it is sluggish and freezes a lot. Occasionally the UI gets a little screwy during these freezes or it tells me I have ran out of RAM and the application must close. I’ve read that a lot of the performance issues are probably due to it being written in Java. Without these performance issues I would start using Studio full-time and purchase the Pro version in a heartbeat. But with the performance issues it doesn’t really feel like a program for adults in a professional environment, but more like a shiny toy. Features get an A. Performance gets an F. They are in two different leagues.

One feature however that is glaringly missing–if you are one who likes it–is word wrap. Even WordPad has word wrap. This textarea that I am typing in has word wrap.

Sadly I am probably going to keep fiddling with Studio for a few more days wishing that it actually performed well and that I could use it, because the feature set really is that cool.

Comment by GregHouston — July 28, 2008

The idea of Aptana is great, but it was a really bad business decision to base it off of Eclipse. It’s like being a car manufacturer and taking a 1990 Geo Metro, slapping some wings on it, and calling it a super car. You’re still driving around a Geo Metro, so don’t expect anyone to get excited about it.

If they were to rebuild the IDE from the ground up with the goal of being fast and lightweight [read: not based on Eclipse], I would purchase a lifetime license without a second thought. But I can install Eclipse now absolutely free with most of the features Aptana claims and I *still* choose not to use it.

Comment by AjaxianReader — July 29, 2008

So maybe Aptana should take all those developers off Jaxer and put them on the IDE. Give them bonuses based on performance gains.

Comment by Nosredna — July 29, 2008

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