Monday, November 20th, 2006

Groups Wiki: Ajax’d WYSIWYG Wiki

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Ben Nolan has created his take on an ajax’d up wysiwyg wiki called GroupsWiki.

Some of the interesting features are:

  • Always editing, users are always editing their wikis, we attach events to the links so that they can open new pages even while contenteditable is enabled.
  • Ajax image insert using a micro-version of lightbox. We also do table insertion the same way.
  • Autosave – the users data is auto-saved every 30 seconds via ajax callbacks.
  • Nice simple design and simple UI.

The application is built using Rails, Prototype, and TinyMCE. Ben didn’t use this great behaviour.js for this application as he says: “I tend to use behaviour only when doing sites that will actually work without JS” (nice and pragmatic).


Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:28 am

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Who gonna pay for this? It sucks.

Comment by Mike2 — November 20, 2006

People still charge for little widgets like this? Very lame.

Comment by Ryan Lowe — November 20, 2006

Pretty lame. It says Safari not fully supported and then provides no functionality. When I spoof the page as Mozilla 1.1, I get partial functionality. The main problem at that point is that my editing window is a tiny vertical sliver about two characters wide. This looks like a CSS problem rather than a problem with contentEditable. I’m always suspicious of a page that works differently when you spoof as a different browser, because it means the developer is validating against user agent strings rather than against DOM objects or CSS elements.
I wonder if the developer is working with the WebKit team, which is actively working on WYSIWYG editing functionality in Safari. If not, I hope they get on the horn and do so.

Comment by Leland Scott — November 20, 2006

Should have done more testing before releasing it! It’s pretty fragile.

Comment by Ex Ample — November 21, 2006

So he’s decided to spend his time building a direct competitor to Google Docs, with a tiny fraction of the functionality, and then wants to charge for it. It looks like a class project from a compsci assignment.

Either this guy is completely ignorant of business basics, or he’s praying to God that Google buys him up.

Comment by Dismayed — November 21, 2006

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