Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

GroupsWiki and Protoedit

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Ben Nolan has open sourced GroupsWiki (which we first talked about almost a year ago). GroupsWiki is a visual wiki, and doesn’t require users to learn a special wiki markup.

Part of the release is Ben’s editor (tentatively named protoedit) which is a minimalist rich text editor written using Prototype. (The editor is in /javascripts/application.js). I haven’t had a chance to pull out the editor in a standalone example – but it’s relatively straightforward to wire up. The editor is small (<15k of javascript), clean and object-oriented – and Safari 2 compatible.

Ben did a presentation at Railsconf on using functional javascript (the enumerable functions in prototype.js) and show some examples from the rich-text-editor in his slides.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:55 am

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if the editor is protoedit, why does the screenshot go on about fckeditor? confused.

Comment by Kae Verens — October 16, 2007

The editor is inline with the page, WYSIWYG. Took me a while to see that because I was expecting some kind of interface.

Comment by Trulli — October 16, 2007

All the protoedit code is in “application.js” and it is not inline at all. It is all generated from javascript. Look at objects Editor and the Buttons objects.

Comment by Donegarden — October 16, 2007

Ah yeah, confusing. I’d love to see a screenshot of that editor.
Scriptaculous seems to be required since it’s Builder is used, with prototype1.6 that depencancy could be removed.

Comment by Trulli — October 16, 2007

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