Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Gucci Relaunches on Script.aculo.us

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Gucci has relaunched a very dynamic site on top of script.aculo.us instead of the usual Flash.

It does feel somewhat like a flash site, with minimal navigation, and a lot of horizontal scrolling.

When I first launched it on my Mac 30″ monitor it mazimed the width which was quite a show! (I am not a huge fan of resizing someones browser)

Gucci on script.aculo.us

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:33 pm

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Well.. thank you for the blog. Nice to look at but it reminds me of a Flash intro screen which we *all* know by now is “not a good thing”.


Comment by Dan Acuff — August 22, 2006

Really… Really good! :D

Comment by Ramon Bispo — August 22, 2006

Where is there the scriptaculous library? I can see only prototype.js.

Comment by Tobias Buschor — August 22, 2006

If you do a “view source” on the site you will see that it’s built on top of prototype.js with custom extensions:

– js/prototype.js
– js/gucci-ext.js
– js/gucci-fx.js
– js/gucci-app.js
– …

but no mention of scriptaculous.js

Comment by Jean-Marc Orliaguet — August 22, 2006

Nicely done site, the UI effects are nice without being overdone – bookmarking/history stuff, etc.. my only gripe is the window resize, reminiscent of “web 1.0” ;)

I’ll go out on a limb and guess there’s either a talented web developer behind the UI effects, or they worked well with a design team to get everything worked out. Either way, they did a great job. Very clean, flashy but without the flash.

Comment by Scott Schiller — August 22, 2006

this site was actually coded by thomas fuchs, maker of scriptaculous.

Comment by solo — August 22, 2006

I like the product image zoom. Beyond that, it does feel like flash, which never feels good

Comment by Dan — August 22, 2006

Only one word… WOW!

Comment by Siarhei Barysiuk — August 23, 2006

What about people having Javascript disabled? They will see a blank page.

Comment by SimoneB — August 23, 2006

the site does not work on Opera also…
I’m not sure if Ajax is the best option for this kind of website, on my computer it feel sluggish and rape my CPU violently (PC P4, 3 Ghz).
What is the benefit over Flash?

Comment by chino — August 23, 2006

This is really cool, no cpu problems (iMac G5).
I would also assume there are more people that have javascript on, than have flash working. I like how its not flash though.

Comment by Peter — August 23, 2006

Spectacular (spectaculous?) stuff! I especially love the #id history, makes for a neat effect when you go directly to a URL and the ajax “unfolds” itself to the proper state.

Someone should do a case-study/tutorial on how all that is managed behind the scenes.

Comment by Marty — August 24, 2006

amazing. i like the way he implemented the localization, using javascript to pick apart the url then grab a specific bit of json with the appropriate language. simple and effective. Also the zoom feature is really well done. I dont know how thomas can manage to keep up clients like this, while working on fluxiom, posting to miraculous, and keeping scriptaculous updated regularly… maybe im just a lazy bum.

Comment by Chris Iufer — August 24, 2006

It’s great to see a website now that’s implementing what we call webdesign without plugins. thats the correct way for the future.

the “but”s:

– the browser requirements are too high – ie 6, ff 1.5 – and fixed to the main browsers: what about opera 8.5? i see only a white screen.
– navigation over width instead of height is not an alternative if a want to use my scroll wheel.

But it’s nice to see all those new techniques working.

Comment by Andi — August 25, 2006

PS: Doesn’t work in IE 6. Webdesigners should re-prog the site.

Comment by Andi — August 25, 2006

Looks great. But I couldn’t figure out how to put something in the shopping bag. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Comment by No — October 28, 2006

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