Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

GUI Dojo Build Tool

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Shane O’Sullivan of IBM has released a GUI build tool for Dojo that is built on Eclipse RCP.

He talked about this new tool earlier:

There has been a lot of talk currently about making the build system for Dojo simpler. The web based method (customise a build on the Dojo website and download it from there) definitely shows promise, and will be attractive to many users. However, I think that many developers would like to have more control over the build process, while still having the possibility of all of it being automated for them. For this reason I’ve decided to look in to the possibility of using an Eclipse based build system that can operate as a standalone Rich Client application or be a new perspective in Eclipse.

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I predict a lot of these as JS libraries mature so its worth looking around to appreciate others approaches too to tie them together:

Qooxdoo builder and documentation generation http://qooxdoo.org/documentation/user_manual/custom_builds
Ant JS compress task – http://www.lcasoft.com/compress-js.html
JS Builder in .NET http://code.google.com/p/js-builder/
JS Unit testing in Java http://jstester.sourceforge.net/
JS Unit testing in browser http://www.jsunit.net/
JSDoc (Perl) – http://jsdoc.sourceforge.net/
JS Software tools http://www.softwareverify.com/productsJavaScript.html
JS Reporter in Eclipse http://www.dhitechnologies.com/products/reporter/
JSEclipse now part of Flex 2 http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/jseclipse/

What Dojo is doing is leading the way, but I am eagerly anticipating Yahoo sharing YUI build methods, and I’m sure Google will weigh in at some point too, however at present no one has covered all the bases of build, validate, test, doc, version and deployment of JS files.

[Naturally I’m working on this myself]

Anyone know what happened to the Maven JSAR proposals?


Comment by Liam Clancy (metafeather) — January 10, 2007

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