Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

GWT 1.2 RC: Mac OS X Support

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Bret Taylor of GWT (and Mr. Google Maps btw :) has announced RC1 of Google Web Toolkit 1.2.

  • Full support for OS X development
    Develop with GWT on OS X as easily as on Linux and Windows
  • Much faster hosted mode
    Debug your GWT apps much more quickly. Hosted mode startup time has improved significantly — and even better, refreshes are now lightning-fast — even when your source code changes.
  • New HTTP request module
    The HTTP functionality that you’ve been asking for (custom headers, status code, timeouts, and more), all wrapped up in an API that’s easier to use than the JavaScript XMLHttpRequest object
  • Widgets in TreeItems
    Tree items can now contain arbitrary widgets — finally, it’s easy to create trees with checkboxes :-)

GWT is one of the frameworks that polarizes people.

On the one side: “Yay, I can stay in Java land!”

On the other side: “JavaScript isn’t a bad thing. GWT is bound to have a leaky abstraction so you will have to get under the hood at some point anyway”

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:55 pm

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All you GWT users can stay in Java land, it increases my market value as someone who can develop in almost any major language or technology. :)

Comment by Andy Kant — November 1, 2006

Is this tool actually free? Where is the source code for its compiler and code generator?

Comment by Sourcerer — November 1, 2006

Long live GWT! For Java developers it is a great possiblity to write your UI as fast as in Swing and don’t care about such things as a browser compatibility and how dirty your javascript-Code looks like.

Comment by Sasha — November 2, 2006

Sourcerer: dunno if the repository is actually there, but you can try here:

Comment by Rob Sanheim — November 2, 2006

It’s amazing how much resistance GWT gets from the javascript community. Sorry javascript code slingers, GWT is going to bring engineering discipline and structure back into AJAX development.

All you javascript hackers sound just like assembler hackers 15 years ago – “a compiler will never be able to write code as well a I can.” Yeah, right. Re-skill or die.

Comment by Calculator — November 5, 2006

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