Friday, August 29th, 2008

GWT 1.5 final release is shipped and out the door

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I have seen the GWT team working very hard indeed on GWT 1.5, and they must be very happy to see the final release shipped and complete:

GWT 1.5 delivers what we think are an impressive number of improvements, about four hundred issues if you’re counting. We’re also happy that one of those is issue 168, our most-requested feature, Support for Java 5.

The high level new feature sets are:

  • Java 5 language support and enhanced JRE emulation
  • Performance optimizations and easier JavaScript interop
  • Prettier widgets, better DOM, accessibility, and bi-di

You can see a lot of this at work in the showcase area. There you will see all of the widgets and examples that come out of the box, and the community has developed even more for you. In particular, Ray Cromwell has some great real world examples that he shares in his book and talk.

Download GWT and take a look.

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“shares in his book…” Hehe, I haven’t written a book yet. I’m guessing this is supposed to say blog/presentation/talk?

Comment by cromwellian — August 31, 2008

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