Friday, September 28th, 2007

GWT and the iPhone sitting in a tree…

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As soon as the iPhone was released, Bob Vawter of the GWT team had some fun playing around with the experience of creating iPhone applications within GWT. To do this, he wrote a demo application that uses the Ajax Feed API to read feeds.

He open sourced the code, and wrote up a detailed article on the design decisions and implementation of the app. For example, how do GWT events tie into the iPhone gestures; using DeferredCommand.addCommand(), history support,

The Google Web Toolkit can be used to create applications that, in the same code base, work well on an iPhone and a traditional desktop browser.

After deciding on the UI layout style, implementing the RSS reader application was just like writing any other GWT application. Much of the gross feature set was worked out with hosted-mode development and then the fit-and-finish of the application was finalized using a combination of Safari3 and an iPhone. Most of the time, the test application was accessed over the EDGE network, to simulate the typical use case. Targeting the high-latency, low-bandwidth configuration makes using the application on a WiFi network even better.

GWT iPhone Feed Reader

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We’ve taken steps in the jabsorb library to make things scream on an iPhone as well.

read about it here:

I haven’t used GWT myself yet, but I think it’s pretty cool from everything I’ve read about it.

One commenter on the jabsorb-user list has also mentioned that the jabsorb json-rpc lib makes an excellent replacement for the GWT-rpc used in GWT.

Comment by Arthur Blake — September 28, 2007

Does this mean that Google will stop treating Safari as a second-class browser?

Comment by Trevor — September 28, 2007

I love GooGle , thank you ,

Comment by منتديات — November 19, 2007

Cool, love it, big thanks…

Comment by askripko — January 18, 2008

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