Thursday, August 31st, 2006

GWT + JSF = G4jsf

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The Ajax2jsf open source project now has a spin off G4jsf subproject that allows you to build JSF components in GWT.

Sergey Smirnov has written an article / tutorial on integrating the Google Web Toolkit with JSF using G4jsf:

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) has attracted a lot of attention lately as a way to make it easier for developers to add AJAX Web 2.0 features to their applications. Like other approaches, the designers of GWT have tried to insulate developers from having to deal with the underlying JavaScript, which implements these features. GWT achieves this goal of simplifying the creation of advanced client-side JavaScript widgets by generating them from Java code.

At the same time, JavaServer Faces (JSF) has gathered more and more momentum as a general server-side framework for Web applications. The key to its success has been its top-to-bottom component-based approach to Web development. Although JSF comes with its own standard out-of-the-box UI components, it is designed for the easy inclusion of other component libraries.

While both of these technologies are incredibly beneficial on their own, they also both complement each other extremely well. GWT is server-side-agnostic, while JSF’s component-based architecture can easily accommodate any approach for rendering components. In this article, we will discuss (primarily by using a step-by-step example) a new integration library for facilitating the combination of these two complementary technologies.

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