Monday, April 6th, 2009

GX 1.1 and GX Extras

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Riccardo Degni has updated GX:

I’m really pleased to announce you the new release of GX. GX is smaller, has a full support for delaying animations in the queue and last but not least the new GX.Extras file (2kb) is now available: it contains 12 new methods and allows to create rich and complex sequences of animations writing less code than you can imagine, in a super comfortable way.

With delay you can watch things like this:


  1. $('#el18').gxInit({delay: 2000});
  3. $('#el18').gx({'width': '200px'}, 4000, 'Bounce', setText)
  4.       .gx({'height': '20px'}, 2000, 'Linear', setText)
  5.       .gx({'left': '180px'}, 1800, 'Bounce', setText)
  6.       .gx({'left': '0px'}, 1800, 'Bounce', setText)
  7.       .gx({'width': '100px'}, 2000, 'Linear', setText);

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What is the advantage of GX over the “native” animations in jQuery?

Comment by frenchStudent — April 6, 2009

@frenchStudent: i feel that GX provides a major control over animations’ creation. i was using the previous version of GX for handling % values with relative animations (i.e. ‘+=25%’ and ‘-=25%’) and it worked perfectly, where the core jquery failed.

there was another feature that worked correctly only with GX but i don’t remember it very well… maybe about some css properties.
i don’t know if there are some others minor differences, but at this moment i feel that GX is the best choice for my jquery based projects — the tiny size completes the picture.

Comment by Flyroo — April 6, 2009

the transitions don’t seem very smooth here, in fact, at times they are quite sudden/jerky. could be my laptop…

Comment by christoff — April 6, 2009

@Riccardo – Keep up the good work :)

Comment by jdalton — April 7, 2009

@jdalton: of course, I planned some others cool features for the next releases. At the moment, the main goal is to study the best way to integrate GX with jQuery.


Comment by RiccardoDegni — April 7, 2009

I find gx quite usefull, thx

Comment by YangombiUmpakati — April 29, 2009

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