Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Hand-Drawn Look in Canvas Drawing App

Category: Canvas

Steve Hanov has produced a Canvas-based drawing tool with a hand-drawn look. Lines can be drawn with a “sloppiness” option, with possible values “Draftsman”, “Artist”, “Cartoonist”, “Child”, and – perfect for this time of year – “Drunk” :). The FG Virgil font, applied to text elements, adds to the cartoon vibe.

The techniques are used in a C library for WebSequenceDiagrams, which Steve explained in an older blog post, but here he’s done it with Javascript and Canvas.

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 6:57 am

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Nice work.

This could be very useful for making the distinction between an active and a draft workflow in a workflow diagramming tool.

Comment by Joeri — December 29, 2009

Very cool app. “Drunk” style is definitely the way to go :)

P.S. Spam filter malfunctioning guys?

Comment by iliad — January 4, 2010

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