Saturday, February 18th, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ajax!

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<p>Today marks one year since Jesse-James Garrett posted the seminal essay, “Ajax: A new approach to web applications”. What happened next … well, let’s just say tipping points don’t get much bigger than this! Sure, there were Ajax-style applications before that – as the original article points out – but the new name turbo-charged the whole concept.

Where are we today?

Here are a few things on the horizon for the web – we expect to hear more about these in the next twelve months:

  • SVG/Canvas graphics
  • Local storage
  • Push and the Two-Way Web
  • Javascript improvements
  • Improved frameworks, libraries, IDEs, tools
  • More sophisticated design patterns and lots more programming and browser hacks.

What’s on your Ajax radar? Where do you see this going in the next twelve months?

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Heh heh, I deliberately waited till the end of the day to post about this to see if anyone else had noticed ;-)

Comment by Peter Cooper — February 19, 2006

I’m hoping that other client-side scripting languages, such as Python, Ruby and Io, will supplement JavaScript within a few years. JavaScript is fine, but its syntax is bloated.

Comment by Daniel Schierbeck — February 19, 2006

I feel Portals and CMS space will see a lot of Ajax development in coming days. Already people started looking for alternatives of not refeshing a whole portal page if a single portlet undergoes state change and one of the idea is having Ajax Portlets.


Comment by Shishank — February 19, 2006

Daniel: Unfortunately a lot of that rests on browser support (for the mass audience, anyway) and even JavaScript has only just reached a point where it has mass reliability (in its more powerful forms) on the main browsers of the day :-(

Comment by Peter Cooper — February 19, 2006

I thought AJAX had been around for a long long time. Just that no one was using it on a wide scale?

Comment by Alex Leonard — February 20, 2006

I think we’re celebrating the branding of it rather than the invention of the disparate technologies. Ultimately I think this branding has helped the cause.

Comment by Peter Cooper — February 22, 2006


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Trackback by A-REGION — February 26, 2006

[...] This is an important article because it captures a growing trend in Ajax, a trend I had in mind when I said we expect to hear more about “Push and the Two-Way Web” in the next twelve months, on the occasion of Ajax’s birthday. There will, of course, be people saying “there’s nothing new here”, and that’s presumably all too obvious to Alex himself, who has worked with these ideas for a long time. But as with Ajax, it’s the power of a name. I don’t think these ideas can adequately be described as Ajax, because Ajax changes a lot about the browser whereas Comet fundamentally changes the nature of browser-server communication. I see Comet as part of the overall Ajax trend, complementary to the UI aspects of Ajax. [...]

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[...] Happy Birthday Ajax: Leapfrogging from the tech community to the business world [...]

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Ajax �� 축하해요~
무ê¶?í•œ 발전ì?´ 있기를…

Comment by SOYOUNG — April 16, 2006

I have a old game that I think is a badmitten but not sure it has wood poles and two rackets and says Ajax on the poles and rackets. Does anyone know anything about this game it is in an old wood box. Would like any info you can give me.

Comment by Peggy — July 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Ajax! Where is the party?

Comment by Birthday and Party Lady — June 22, 2007

I am still waiting for AJAX on mobile to explode. Going too slow after 2 years :)

Comment by Event Planner — September 6, 2007

Gee happy birthday and now christmas time is around the corner already!! Have a good one buddy!

Comment by Christmas Time — September 27, 2007

“This is an important article because it captures a growing trend in Ajax, a trend I had in mind when I said we expect to hear more about “Push and the Two-Way Web” in the next twelve months, on the occasion of Ajax’s birthday. There will, of course, be people saying “there’s nothing new here”
Interesting concept. But today i will take it easy and go skiing if you dont mind. The slopes are calling me. My girfriend wants to take her snowboard…oh well..lets go!

Comment by ski guy — October 2, 2007

Sure just do that and in the mean time i will wake your dog Fred! You luky one to have my sister as your girlfriend :) ok i m gone to walk your little dog bye!

Comment by Dog Face — October 2, 2007

wow. Lotsa friends to wish you happy birthday. I like to see tips and tricks on videos now so go make a movie about it lol

Comment by tipsandtricksvideos — October 14, 2007

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