Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Helipad: your web notepad

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Alex Young (author of Tiktrac) and his team have created a new product called Helipad. This tool aims to be a web-based version of your notepad.

It’s a simple online notepad that provides tagging, colourised tags, auto-save, and allows people to turn their documents into plugins and themes through their add-on engine.

Here is the dashboard showing your content:

Helipad Dashboard

And the wiki-like editing:

Helipad Editing

It will be nice to see if the also give you the choice to do rich editing a la Editor2 from Dojo (which JotSpot and others use, and which will get a lot better soon).

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:52 am

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I really like some of the ideas some of these guys have, but WHY would an end user go to website X to create a ‘notepad document’, website Y to create his backpack todo list, and website Z to do something else?

It’s just too scattered nowadays, and people get all excited over some really trivial simple stuff.

If i want to send myself a reminder or i need ‘a notepad’ i send myself an e-mail. That’s how people have done it for ages, and that’s the most efficient way to my knowledge…

Comment by SchizoDuckie — November 8, 2006

An interesting point. However I find that given a bit or perseverance to begin with it ends up being quicker to use different web applications than to run local applications to do the same tasks. I have a web browser open all the time and history and bookmarks allow me to bring up the applications in a fraction of a second.

I see what you mean about just sending yourself an email but having a dedicated application allows for a better organisational structure than an inbox full of different notes and tasks.

Comment by Tom — November 8, 2006

Tom: I also have a browser windows open 24/7, but i use Gmail, which can automatically add tags based on content, title or sender.

Comment by SchizoDuckie — November 8, 2006

[…] Helipad: Notizen 2.0 Mit Helipad kann man online seine Notizen erfassen, mit Tags versehen und mit anderen teilen. Darüberhinaus kann man ToDo-Listen erstellen und kann per API auf die eigenen Daten zugreifen. via: Ajaxian Technorati: Helipad […]

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Doesn’t work that well. Name must be unique (huh?). When I closed the tags help box the app thought I was closing my browser window. Other small, but annoying bugs.

Comment by Dubiousd — November 8, 2006

Dubiousd, we take bug reports very seriously. The site gives you a link to the bug reporting form:

We’d be very grateful if you could provide information on any bugs you’ve found!

Comment by Alex — November 10, 2006

[…] (Vía Ajaxian) […]

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