Monday, March 31st, 2008

Help Debug Firebug

Category: Debugging, Firefox

There are some bleeding edge releases in the world of the Firebug.

A new alpha version of Firebug 1.2 is available for testing. It has several performance improvements, and some new UI. Give it a go and report any issues.

Also, ChromeBug takes Firebug into the world of debugging full Firefox extensions. It depends on the alpha of Firebug 1.2 and once installed you can boot it up via:

firefox.exe -chrome chrome://chromebug/content/chromebug.xul -firefox

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:01 am

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Is there a way to open the chrome window while already in firefox or is re-openning it the only way?

Comment by rsumi — March 31, 2008

There used to be an option to disable Firefox for all sites except a whitelist of domains. I don’t see that in the new version; is it gone for good?

Comment by monsur — April 1, 2008

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