Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Hot Apps: Using $1M to reward 440 mobile Web developers

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Disclaimer: Ben and I work for Palm and created this program. I wanted to make sure that you were aware of it over here, since Web developers have a great chance of getting some $ :)

At Palm we wanted to reward the mobile Web developers who build great applications that our users can enjoy. We didn’t want to do an “Mobile App Idol”. For one, I didn’t want to play the role of Simon (being the token Brit and all), and for two we find it hard to judge correctly.

So, we came up with the Hot Apps program that rewards based on the market (which while not perfect, takes out emotion from the judging system).

We put in 1 million dollars, and wanted to be sure to reward two sets of developers… those that created paid apps, and those that generously offered up their code for free. It is kinda fun to be able to say “oh, thanks for giving this away for free, but here is a reward for your hard work.”

We also didn’t want to just give money to the top couple of developers, but wanted to spread the love (whilst still having prize amounts that are meaningful). If you take a look at Project Appetite you can do some math on how you still have a great chance to make some $ if you get a great app into the competition.

So, if you fancy flexing some Web skills in mobile…. consider giving a run for Hot Apps.

Want to see some of the tools and a quick app build? Here is a screencast walkthrough that shows building a simple webOS app taken from a look at a helper script that I wrote:

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