Friday, December 30th, 2005

How to tell the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0

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Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:30 am

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This is excellent. Someone should produce a t-shirt:) Cafe Press maybe?

Comment by Scotty Allen — December 30, 2005


Comment by Karl G — December 30, 2005

so true. times are changing, like how 7 year olds used to want toys for xmas and now they want ipod’s and cell phones :)

Comment by Steve N — December 30, 2005

And grown ups don’t want ipods and cell phones anymore, instead they want geeky t-shirts…?

The graphic by the way is great. So true, so true.

Comment by Julian — December 30, 2005

But Steve, for 7 year olds today, those are toys. just very expensive ones.

Comment by Margaret — December 30, 2005

Like the antialiasing on the Web 2.0 version :-)

Comment by Jonathan Aquino — December 30, 2005

That’s because it’s one version better…

Comment by Mike Ritchie — December 31, 2005

I’d like to add that to be truly “2.0”, the “beta” text should be of a pastel colour of some sort. ;)

Comment by Scott Schiller — December 31, 2005

Dion, you win.

Comment by Ralesk — January 1, 2006

BETA should be version 0.932 instead :)

Comment by Frederik Grue — January 2, 2006

So true. What will Web 3.0 bring?

Comment by Dylan Carlson — January 2, 2006

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I don’t get it….

Comment by AJ — January 7, 2006

Web 2.0 its so In soviet Russia…

In web 2.0 aplications runs you!

Comment by Tei — January 8, 2006

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Why the hell is everyone going in for BETA all the time. Think about customers, think business (WEB 2.0 is about business, pleasing customers , helping them to have a good web experience and from that making money). WTF do customers think when they see BETA?. Does this mean ‘something may go wrong’, please bear with us because we cannot be so sure that this is going to work’. ‘Dear guinea pig/customer help me sort this out and then I will sell you my products. I appreciate the growth element and involving customers to create the best web environment for your business, I further appreciate the fantastic opportunites and ability to interact with the customer with AJAX and RUBY on RAILS, but…….. At the end of the day, its about getting customers, pleasing them, making them happy, make them return and worshipping the ground they walk on – not using them as (ill qualified) testers. Can somebody please explain or debate this point. Thanks

Comment by shawpy — January 17, 2006


The answer is really quite simple: “No battle plan ever survived contact eith the enemy”


No matter how much in-house testing you do, there will be things that get past your internal QA. It is simply not possible to anticipate everything a user might do on an appliction. When you release a Beta, you should have a reasonably stable and well-tested application that is ready for use in the real world, by real users. Inevitably, in this first release, there will be bugs that are found by the users that you never would have thought to look for, and there will be suggestions from the users that you missed in the development, for whatever reason.

By dubbing this a “Beta”, you alert the user that the application is NOT fully user-tested, and that you are actively seeking feedback. Some users are OK with this, others aren’t. Those who aren’t will probably stay away from the application until it’s “real” release.

This is done, BTW, to ultimately better “get customers, please them, make them happy and make them return”

As far as users being “ill qualified” – who better to judge how well your application suits their needs than the very people who will be using the application?

Comment by Tony — January 20, 2006

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That was hilarious! =)

Comment by Josue — March 7, 2006

Thank you!

Comment by picture of zoroastrianism — March 11, 2006

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AJ: I don’t get it either!

Comment by Danny — March 22, 2006

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That was an interesting read.

Jimmy Dushku

Comment by Jimmy Dushku — January 6, 2007

That was an interesting read.

Jimmy Dushku

Comment by Jimmy Dushku — January 6, 2007

With beta logo it seems that developers feels how they are authorized to make some mistakes in their web apps!

Comment by Matteo — January 23, 2007

The answer is easy:

WEB 1.0 requires a computer to run, WEB2.0 does not requires a computer to run!. In 1.0 the information was disperse, in 2.0 there is a more efficient way of share and share information like: digg, stumble upon, etc. Web 2.0 support Asynchronous javascript wich allows users to have a better navigational experience with the use of lightboxes, popup mini windows, etc.

Comment by Simius — July 23, 2007

In simplicity mode I see nice post.

Comment by Rocky Pacley — October 20, 2007

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