Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

HTML 5 and a different kind of ruby support

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Anne van Kesteren gave an XTech presentation on HTML 5 and boiled it down to this:

The Web’s language is HTML

The Web’s application language is HTML too

HTML is pretty broken

HTML5 to the rescue

Defines processing for all of HTML

Is for Web applications and documents

Is defined in as an abstract language

Can be written in both HTML (HTML5) and XML (XHTML5)

Is a multi-vendor effort

Worked on by overlapping groups: WHATWG and W3C HTML WG

HTML5 is (partially) implemented today

HTML5 can be used today

Great Community! (Wikis, tools, tests, reviewing)

<section>, <footer>, <progress>, <time>, …

<input type=date>, <input pattern=[a-Z]>, …

Immediate mode graphics: <canvas>

<video> and <audio>

SQL storage, offline application cache, drag & drop, editing, …

Get involved: w3.org/html and whatwg.org.

EOP_ERR exception raised: slide 21

Also, Anne pointed out that ruby support has been added to HTML5.

If you are a Ruby hacker, don’t get excited. This is a different ruby :)

“Ruby” are short runs of text alongside the base text, typically used in East Asian documents to indicate pronunciation or to provide a short annotation. This specification defines markup for ruby, in the form of an XHTML module.

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I should’ve read the don’t get excited part, but I was too excited.

Comment by an10ae — May 27, 2008

almost sounds like an too long haiku

Comment by SkaveRat — May 27, 2008

About time Ruby was implemented. Speaking of old W3C specs awaiting implementation, how about XForms as well?

Comment by cromwellian — May 27, 2008

What I’d like to finally see is standards support for video, sound, vector graphics, and portable Web documents. Adobe has consistently proven that the standards bodies are missing the most obvious killer apps for the Web, and this is steadily eroding the value of Web standards. There is a real risk of XHTML becoming merely a skeletal layout language for the placement of rich/compelling content implemented in proprietary technologies. It’s always perplexed me that there isn’t universal support in browsers for a standard portable Web site format – like perhaps a Web site that was authored to run locally and packed up into a ZIP-like format. Seems like a no-brainer. Instead, we now have this parallel universe of PDF that wants to consume more and more of the functionality that might be offered through Web standards.

Comment by uize — May 27, 2008

Actually XHTML 1.2 also had “Ruby support”…. ;)
Vector Graphics is in HTML5 (canvas)
Video is in HTML5
Sound is in HTML5
And your “portable web documents” some would claim (me among those) that’s exactly what HTML IS… ;)


Comment by polterguy — May 27, 2008

As an aside, the html5 ruby gem is arguably the best way to sanitize forms data against XSS attacks. There is an excellent library floating around called Sanitize.rb which uses the gem to spit out properly escaped user content, free of scripting nasties.

I started to get really bent out of shape when I realized that there were hundreds of XSS attack vectors to protect against, and so it’s not without irony that the best way to prevent ALL of them is to simply ensure valid HTML 5 markup.

Comment by leftist — May 27, 2008

Heh. Evil title. ROFL…

Anyway, if you want [[script language=”Ruby”]], try looking here: http://www.codeplex.com/DLRScript

Comment by stimpy77 — May 27, 2008

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