Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

HTML 5: Welcome WebForms and more

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In Mark Pilgrim’s HTML 5 roundup he shares with us the big news:

… the merging of the Web Forms 2 specification into the HTML 5 specification, and updating it with the collected feedback of the last two years.

For more information on encoding news and such, check out the full roundup.

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Note that the Repetition Model hasn’t been included.

Comment by westonruter — September 17, 2008

I hope that the Repetition Model will be included, this was an awesome idea to avoid the repetitif development of WebForms …
I also didn’t see news about input type date, datetime, time, search, and stuff, these were also great ideas.
All these stuff seems to be partially integrated by Opera, WebKit and Firefox …

Comment by Yves — September 17, 2008

The repetition model is likely out due to it only supporting a small subset of the use cases. If we want to keep some declarative solution for that more research probably needs to be done.

As for the new input types, those are still very much alive. Not everything has been migrated into HTML5 yet.

Comment by Anne van Kesteren — September 17, 2008

Sorry, but I wish the repetition model would never see the light. If I wanted something like this I would use javascript or server-side code, not declarative tags trying to simulate a real programming language.

Comment by icoloma — September 18, 2008

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