Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

HTML5 tools from Adobe; HTML5 pack available and a future sneak peak

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Our reptilian brains often like to lump an entity in one bucket. We see a lot of folks asking “Is Adobe friend or foe to the Open Web?” Of course, life is much more about nuance. Adobe has a large investment in Flash, but they are also a tools company.

Adobe has mentioned HTML5 tooling in the past, and we have often surmised that there is a HUGE opportunity in HTML5 tooling (which is very much lacking).

Well, now we get to see some meat to the bone as Kevin Lynch is on stage at Google I/O showing off how Adobe is getting big into HTML5.

First, Kevin is showing the HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver. It augments Dreamweaver with code hinting, an updated WebKit for the live view, the fun multiscreen demo that Adobe has been sharing for awhile, and starter layouts for HTML5.

Then we see Kevin use a new prototype tool that allows him to create a rich ad (of course! :) using CSS3 transforms and animations. This is a design tool folks. Think timelines, layers, and more.

It is still early days for these tools, but Adobe said they wanted to get them out to folks as soon as possible to start a discussion with the community. What would you like to see? Going from the world of static-ish pages to rich applications using HTML5 technology… we could sure use some help from tooling.

Update: Kevin announced that Flash will ship the WebM project codecs.

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Is there any reason, better than “Apple have to validate this” why Adobe is not in the WHATWG group?

Comment by tekool — May 19, 2010

Once people figure out HTML5 ads are much harder to block than flash or simple images, it’s going to take off.

Comment by ck2 — May 19, 2010

This is up on Adobe labs:

Comment by CaptainN — May 19, 2010

Jobs: “Flash is dead.”
Adobe: “Mind if it shares a plot with Objective-C?”

Comment by Baryn — May 19, 2010

@ck2 Please, please explain why you think Flash ads are easier to block. I’ve read this so many times and it doesn’t make any sense to me. How can something more opaque, that exposes less filterable features, be easier to block? Unless you mean by blocking all Flash content. You know, there’s also a really easy way to block HTML5 ads: Use IE.

Comment by bugme — May 19, 2010

Dear Adobe

I want to buy a copy of Dreamweaver, but alas you don’t make a Linux version.

At the very least, please create a web version that I can buy via the Chrome web store.


Comment by interoperate — May 19, 2010

@tekool Maybe because the WHATWG doesn’t have a patent policy? I know that’s supposedly why Microsoft refused to join.

Comment by Amtiskaw — May 20, 2010

@interoperate – I don’t speak for Adobe but I’m willing to bet they would love to sell their tools to the Linux market if it were big enough to support the costs of porting their tools to that multi-faceted platform.

Comment by travisalmand — May 20, 2010

Just noticed this list item on Adobe’s HTML5 Pack page:

Updates Live View to support and . (Requires Quicktime installation.)

Now, I just find that rather amusing considering the recent Apple vs Adobe crap.

Comment by travisalmand — May 20, 2010

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