Sunday, November 28th, 2010

HTML5 Web Messaging

<>p>Cross document messaging is addressed in a recent HTML5 Web Messaging Working draft from the redoubtable W3C. The proposed messaging system is said to “allow documents to communicate with each other regardless of their source domain, in a way designed to not enable cross-site scripting attacks.” For more on the w3C draft, go to its HTML5 Web Messaging page.

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makes me sad to see what’s become of ajaxian, and how quickly; it’s even sadder than what happened to the ajaxian conference last year.

hopefully ben and dion made some good $ out of the deal.

four posts in the whole month of november?! shameful. just turn it into a linkfarm already, or sell it to MS to redirect to the silverlight homepage. makes me sad to see it starve to death.

Comment by grimreeper — November 28, 2010

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