Friday, June 29th, 2007

htsh: http shell

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Adeel Khan has created another HTTP shell called htsh using PHP on the backend and jQuery for the front end. It currently supports most common commands, like cd, chmod, cp, edit, exit, ls, mkdir, mv, rm, rmdir, touch, unzip, and zip. It is also very easy to add your own commands. It even supports tab-completion.

There is a demo to play with that doesn’t have all of the commands enabled for security reasons.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:31 am

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Indeed cool, but very, very insecure. I managed to create and run .php files.

Comment by John — June 29, 2007

@John: seriously? How? Well, security is not really a problem because this is designed for a single user to help manage your files — faster than ftp and stuff. Sort of an alternative to SSH.

Comment by Adeel Khan — June 29, 2007

Oh, sorry. I meant I created and ran them on my own computer. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Comment by John — June 29, 2007

How can I login?

Comment by Moe — June 29, 2007

Take a look the command prompt project i did here.

It was awhile back using the atlas scripts, obviously outdated. I want to update it to use JQuery instead, have yet to find a weekend to do it.

Comment by Liming — June 29, 2007

@Moe: I had the same problem!, so here it is:
user name: htsh
password: !penguin!

Comment by hamid — July 1, 2007

Have all commands now been disabled? I receive the message ‘I dont’ understand’ for any commands I enter (I tried: ls, pwd and a few other basic commands).

Is there any docs on what the system requirements are? All I found for requirements was PHP5, PEAR and FF2.. What about OS, does it run only on Linux?

I looks very interesting though.

Comment by Stuart — July 2, 2007

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