Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

ICEsoft Open Sources ICEfaces

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It is amazing how many great frameworks are coming out into the open source model. ICEsoft Technologies, Inc. has announced that they are open sourcing their ICEfaces product under the Mozilla Public License.

A new home for the open source project has been created at ICEfaces.org.

Quotes from the Press Release

ICEfaces is the only integrated Ajax application framework for Java EE. ICEfaces extends JavaServerâ„¢ Faces, enabling Java developers to more easily create and deploy thin-client rich Web applications in pure Java. “Since the announcement of ICEfaces Community Edition in June of this year, ICEfaces has seen incredible momentum,” explained Maryka. “ICEfaces is now being used by tens of thousands of enterprise Java developers around the world. Through the open source model, ICEfaces now has the ability to become a de facto standard for rich Ajax application development within the Java community.”

ICEfaces applications are Java applications, not JavaScript applications. “ICEfaces was developed from the ground up as a standards-compliant solution for developing interactive and collaborative multi-user applications using Ajax Push technology,” noted Maryka. “ICEsoft has been proud to pioneer this technology, which allows presentation changes to be asynchronously pushed from the application server to the browser client. ICEfaces’ Ajax Push technology enables a new breed of rich enterprise applications that provide instant feedback to application users when server-side application events occur.”

“ICEsoft was in the dynamic Web business for years before any of the hype around Ajax and Web 2.0 first hit the blogosphere,” said Ed Burns, a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems. “ICEfaces is a clear demonstration of the power of combining solid Web expertise with the flexibility of the JavaServer Faces specification. With the ICEfaces product being released into open source, and ICEsoft’s membership in the Java Community Process, JSF 2.0 will only stand to benefit. I welcome the release of ICEfaces into open source. I’m very hopeful that many of the great ideas in ICEfaces will positively influence and accelerate the development of JSF 2.0.”

This release of ICEfaces also includes much tighter integration with industry leading IDEs. Extensions have also been in the software release to facilitate integration with JBoss SEAM technology and to simplify integration with third party component libraries.

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I have been waiting for an open source push technology. The more I dove into AJAX the more I realized it was not a perfect fit for updating changing content on a page. This is the Holy Grail and now it’s open source! Kudo’s to ICESoft! Can’t wait to see all that comes of it.

Comment by Rob Cluett — November 14, 2006

[…] ICEfaces – AJAX framework for Java EE – has been open sourced (via Ajaxian). Check out its new home. ICEfaces is an extension of the JavaServer Faces technology and is hence inherently server based. It does not have any requirements on the client side. Earlier the community edition had been opened up for the developers. […]

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