Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

IE8 HTML 5 Ajax Page Navigations

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Sharath Udupa, an IE developer at Microsoft has posted on the IE 8 page navigations feature:

In IE8 mode, we provide support for script to update the travel log components (for e.g. back/forward buttons, address bar) to reflect client-side updates to documents. This allows a better user experience where users can navigate back and forth without messing the AJAX application state.

What is interesting here is that even though Sharath said: “adopted in IE8 from HTML5” we have Richard Monson-Haefel (Curl evangelist) saying Ajax is dead RIA walking. This strong conclusion comes from the fact that IE implemented an HTML 5 feature???

The Open Web always has baggage from the fact that there are many parties involved, but the benefits have always made it win out. The browser is the virtual machine of the Web. While Richard thinks that fragmentation can kill Ajax, I see a brighter picture. We have HTML 5 to look at, and browser are innovating in interesting ways. That is a good thing. It pushes us forward.

It is interesting that the articles pushed are on Silverlight using this for its own goals, but Sorry Richard, this doesn’t mean people will be learning Curl :)

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I wonder if there are “popup blocker” equivalents for this feature to prevent pr0n sites from filling the back button history with more pr0n. Maybe something like, a history entry is only created if it is from an “onclick”.

Comment by Jordan1 — July 16, 2008

I agree that some protection of the user is in order, but restricting to onclick is probably problematic (I know it’s problematic with popup blockers already). Any XHR request should allow populating history, definitely (or onsubmit equivalents for things like livesearch can’t be in the history). There might even be a rationale for key events, as a good interface should also support keyboard navigation. Ultimately it might be safe to allow any native event plus XHR to populate history, but I haven’t really thought that through completely.

Comment by eyelidlessness — July 16, 2008

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