Friday, March 19th, 2010

IE9 Canvas Support Leaked by AMD?

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I was on a panel at OSBC with Dave Mcallister of Adobe and Brian Goldfarb of Microsoft. I wanted to talk to Brian about canvas in IE9 but held off until later where I even offered the community up to write the IE code ;)

Someone off the record told me last week “it is coming… don’t worry” but that is rumor. And then Russell Leggett sent me a link to a piece by AMD on IE9 and GPU usage that had two interesting quotes:

The <canvas> element will be accelerated on the GPU via Direct2D and will enable hardware accelerated rendering contexts for application development, improving visual display, reducing CPU usage, and improving power usage.

AMD is working with multiple teams at Microsoft to ensure that technologies such as IE and Silverlight continue to move the PC platform forward.

Put us out of our misery Microsoft. Don’t make us create a website ;)

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We know MS has been working on canvas accessibility, so it’s definitely on the radar. I’m pretty confident it’ll be there. Here’s a quote from an arstechncia article (

> For example, every single JavaScript and DOM API used by the top 7,000 websites was recorded. IE9 will deliver support for every API used by those sites.

I’m assuming SOMEONE is using the canvas tag in the top 7k, even if that’s in the form of cufón.

Comment by grayrest — March 19, 2010

If IE brings support only when its holding hands with Direct2D is it really any better of a situation?

Comment by ironfroggy — March 19, 2010

@ironfroggy – Not sure why it is such a bad situation YET, if Direct2D is used as the background 2D drawing engine and they offer the same API canvas does I don’t really care if it is named Ballmer2D or ThrowChairs2D. All in all, it depends on whether or not IE will provide a canvas API, which I agree with you that they should.

Here is my analogy of the current situation: If IE offered a JS engine named LittleMermaid – in keeping with their layout engine’s nomenclature – and it supported the latest ECMA standard and was fast as hell, would you really care what it looked like before it hit the compiler? We’ll just have to see what they choose to do.

PS – Redmond, if you don’t give us a canvas API on top of Direct2D you are a lot dumber than someone who wraps an entire web page in an HTML form tag…err…sorry, I forgot…

Comment by csuwldcat — March 19, 2010

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