Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

IE9 Chakra JavaScript Team Hosting a Q&A Session Tomorrow

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The IE9 team announced that they’ll be hosting an open Q&A session via Twitter where developers can ask questions to the Chakra engineers about the new JavaScript engine.

In conjunction with the release of Platform Preview 7, we wanted to give the community the opportunity to ask questions of some of our IE and Chakra engineers. So we’re going to host a 2-hour Q&A chat on Twitter tomorrow morning beginning at 9am PST.

They’ll be fielding questions starting tomorrow Thursday, November 18th from 9-11am PST and you can participate by sending your questions to @ie and using the hashtag #ie9.

Check out the blog post for full details of the Q&A session.

Full Disclosure: I work for Microsoft.

Posted by Rey Bango at 2:56 pm

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What’s that sound? Crickets?

Comment by okonomiyaki3000 — November 19, 2010

Here’s some questions I’d like to ask:

Given how bad versions 1 through 8 were, why would I be foolish enough to try version 9?

Do you guys get kickbacks from the virus and spam people, or do you just have no grasp of security at all?

When you decided that error messages in IE should have line numbers, but not *file names*, exactly how high were you?

Does the phrase “box model” ring a bell? Anything?

Seriously, failing on terminal commas? Seriously?

Have you ever considered getting a real job?

Comment by Malvolio — November 19, 2010

No, it’s the rustle of tumbleweed :)

Comment by Skilldrick — November 21, 2010

Does MSIE team honestly believe they are still relevant?? Biggest favour they can do to community is shut down the project for good.

Comment by temuri — November 23, 2010

@temuri, of course they are relevant, many users are still using MS ancient browser:

Comment by Liburn — November 25, 2010

the EX. 9 is still not working well with all kind of website and services, i have a site and now i switch for WP so the site will work as before the 9 didnt work for us

Comment by 528daniel — November 25, 2010

Well, I think that over the next few months they are going to become more relevant than this site…

Comment by jonhartmann — November 26, 2010

This site is a very large contributor to helping you have less problems with non-standard based solutions, such as IE6 etc, by focusing on Open Standards instead of proprietary crap and ActiveX2.0 based technologies, so a little bit more gratitude to the ones who ‘walked the road before you’ would probably be at its place …
Which includes Rey Bango …

Comment by ThomasHansen — November 26, 2010

This site is no more what it used to be: it’s averaging one update per week vs one or more updates per day before the ownership switch. The world didn’t slow down so we’re missing a lot of news. Can anybody recommend other Ajax blogs to follow? Thanks

PS: feel free to delete this comment if you deem it as inappropriate

Comment by pmontrasio — November 28, 2010

I highly recommend:

Comment by friendlyjs — November 28, 2010

one question, When will you stop making IE?

Comment by YourBestDude — November 28, 2010

@ThomasHansen You are right. I am sorry for the tone of the remark; the Ajaxian team has done a lot of work that is vital to the web and for which I’m very grateful. The point does remain, that as pmontrasio commented, “This site is no more what it used to be”. His estimate of 1 post per week is almost on the generous side.

I want to see the site flourish, but it can’t without more updates. I’d volunteer to make updates myself but I’m just not tapped into the community enough to make a difference. That and I don’t have half the skill and knowledge of most of the contributors here.

Comment by jonhartmann — December 2, 2010

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