Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

IE.Next has a new name…. IE8

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After hundreds of man months, the marketing team behind IE has come up with a name (which has been holding back the product). They looked at:

  • IE 7+1
  • IE 1000 (think binary)
  • IE Eight!
  • iIE
  • IE for Web 2.0 (Service Pack 2)
  • IE Desktop Online Web Browser Live Professional Ultimate Edition for the Internet (the marketing team really pushed for this one ;-)
  • Ie2.079 (we might still use this for the Math Major Edition)

and ended up with IE8. They also let people know that silence != inaction:

Of course, some people care about other aspects of IE8 much more than they care about the name. As I’ve walked different people through the plan, I’ve gotten “Does it have feature X?” “When is the beta?” “When does it release” and even the more thoughtful “What are you trying to accomplish with this release?”

You will hear a lot more from us soon on this blog and in other places. In the meantime, please don’t mistake silence for inaction.

Dean Hachamovitch
General Manager

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:56 pm

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hmm… maybe “for Web 2.0” means it’s more standards compliant. Nah…

Comment by psychcf — December 5, 2007

IE7_rc1 sounds more real (features-wise of course)

Comment by kangax — December 5, 2007

How about we hear about IE7 service pack 1 coming out next month and all it does is implement support for existing standards, not perform like crap, and have some kind of debugger I don’t have to pay for. Then they can take all the time in the world putting out and talking about IE8’s great new advanced (useless) features that only work if the website is .NET driven. Oh excuse me I’m being delusional.

Comment by vance Dubberly — December 5, 2007

Why not IE Ocho!

Comment by Porta — December 5, 2007

full registration just to leave a comment? hmm…

anyway, check out for a specific question to BillG about it as well

Comment by timheuer — December 5, 2007

iIE… you made my day :D

Comment by Thorsten — December 5, 2007

I prefer firefox

Comment by blankyao — December 5, 2007

Silence != inaction, but action doesn’t mean productivity. Hopefully they won’t just fix a bug or two and up the major version number. IE 7 was is IE 6.5 with tabs.

Comment by quantum00 — December 6, 2007

If you try to tell me that they considered these names for real, then we are in serious trouble…

Comment by Bundyo — December 6, 2007

Do they really think they’re being funny or something? If that’s the point, it’s not working… If the point of this post is getting people eager to try it: Its also *NOT* working. If the point of this post is getting web developers pissed off… It definately *IS* working. I am *NOT* going to add ONE MORE stylesheet for one more flawed microsoft browser.

Comment by SchizoDuckie — December 6, 2007

OMG, they have a name. People, They HAVE a NAME!!! Everyone rejoice, our troubles are over!

Comment by Viktor Kojouharov — December 6, 2007

How about IE 0.8

Comment by Daniel — December 6, 2007

“IE working edition” would be a nice one… ;-)

Comment by Gwion — December 6, 2007

How about Internet ExploDer – Symbiont of all things Spyware

Comment by Anonymous — December 6, 2007

What’s with big the software companies these days? Only big releases? No more 7.2, 4.1, 10.3 versions? I doubt IE8 will be such a big improvement from IE7?

Comment by Adrian — December 6, 2007

so they’ve posted a whole article to discuss the name of the browser that follows IE7.

yet they haven’t said anything at all about the plans for the browser.

has anyone actually learned anything from that article that they didn’t know beforehand, or was the article a waste of time?

Comment by Kae Verens — December 6, 2007

I like the previous posters comment about IE 0.8:) Rules:)
Anyhow, you can see how silence does not equal inaction! The people have been busy picking a name! Now if it only took them a year for the name, maybe we’ll see the beta in about 10?

Comment by web freak — December 6, 2007

Yes it was a waste of time.

Unless they miraculously implement full CSS and JAvaScript support then this release should just be named IE 6.6 or even IE 6.5.1

Comment by Site Smart — December 6, 2007

You made this old man laugh for a while.
We should sue MS if they continue rolling out more IE’s

Comment by Porta — December 6, 2007

So, let me get this straight. The other day, there was a post complaining that there was no information about IE8. And now there’s a post making fun of the announcement that they’re going to start blogging about IE8.

Comment by Steve — December 6, 2007

Thank god. I was afraid they were going to call it Intenet Explorer Interactive Edition for Office or IE IE O for short.

Comment by Dan G. Switzer, II — December 6, 2007

@Dan G. Switzer, II… funny.

Comment by scrapper — December 6, 2007

I really don’t give a toss what they call it, I just want the darn thing to be standards compliant. Micro$oft keep saying they “get it” but all I see is a company determined to avoid standards compliance because it deeply benefits their proprietary product sales. With the resource they have they could pump out a standards compliant version in no time – and if not they should just ship Firefox with Windows and rid the planet of the IE curse once and for all. Just release a browser that _actually_ works… FFS!

Comment by Guy Fraser — December 6, 2007

@timheuer – many thx for the post!

Comment by Eric — December 6, 2007

Why don’t they just call it “the anvil in the deep end of the web pool”…. which is a slight improvement over “the gaping security hole on your desktop” that we all new IE 5-6 to be. And hey, they could even call it 2.0, afterall IE7 is really anvil v1.

Comment by Bart Melton — December 6, 2007

While we’re talking about IE8, I look forward to the day no one longer uses IE6, so that the rest of us developers no longer needs to worry supporting that bad browser.

Comment by Nameless — December 6, 2007

Good news then – IT at our company which represents 80,000+ desktops just announced they are upgrading us from IE6 to IE7 sometime second quarter in 2009. I’m serious.

Comment by Chris Phillips — December 7, 2007

@Chris Phillips:
Awesome! Just in time for the release of the IE8 logo!

Comment by Sam — December 10, 2007

I hope they can compete with firefox otherwise firefox will take there market share pretty soon…

Comment by Gobizz — March 7, 2008

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