Monday, December 11th, 2006

If you aren’t already using Firebug…

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…What are you waiting for?? Go watch this short screencast (direct link to the mov file) of the 1.0 beta to see some of the power, and then get it.

One of my coworkers today had firebug installed but didn’t seem to be really using it to its full potential. I think Dion almost fired him on the spot. Its so far ahead of any other web dev tool that its not even funny.

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 10:50 pm

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Actually, some bugs seems to happen CAUSE you use Firebug, I think there was some problems if you used “setRequestHeader” in ajax calls for example. Seen some other very strange stuff when its turned “on”.

Comment by Santa — December 12, 2006

I actually just experienced that going to:

First time ever I run into this issue. Beside FireBug is The ajax dev companion. Big kudos to its developers.

Comment by Pascal Barbier — December 12, 2006

…What are you waiting for?? Go watch this short screencast (direct link to the mov file) of the 1.0 beta to see some of the power, and then get it.

And while you are at it… donate! Joe Hewitt has decided to keep this fantastic tool free and open-source and would like to be able to hire someone to continue developping and maintaining it. Think about it!

Disclosure: I have absolutely nothing to do with eiher FireBug or Joe Hewitt or anything or anyone related. I’m just a really, really happy user!

Comment by Tobie Langel — December 12, 2006

$$Done! Worth every penny too… This, “Web Developer”, and the “HTMLTidy” extension are priceless for our craft, and definitely serve as one of the most compelling reasons I load up Firefox first and IE second (sometimes IE never)…

Comment by Mike Ritchie — December 12, 2006

It’s a completely under-appreciated release. It’s everything I could possibly ask for. I’ve wanted something that let me do more than just view some of the dom, somethnig that really allows you to see how your browser interacts with your application. (I mean , the profile option? ajaxian, that’s just genius ;) )

Maybe mozilla should think about supporting these guys as well. I know if Brendan were to open the plugin up and play he’d be able to see that it’s one of the most powerful dev tools you can find.

Realy…Great job guys. I become more and more impressed with each new feature that I discover packed away in there.

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — December 12, 2006

Personally, it’d be nice if folks started a grassroots donation campaign for Firebug. I have found three invaluable tools that I cannot dev without in the last ~7 yrs: Eclipse, Firefox and Firebug.

How can you consider yourself a serious js developer without a fantastic debugger like this? And profiling – c’mon, there’s nothing that can beat this!

Comment by Chris Butler — December 14, 2006

I absolutely love Firebug. Lots and lots of features. Invaluable for debugging JavaScript and AJAX issues.

My only complaint – NO DOCUMENTATION. If we had some reasonable docs or screencasts, then I think more folks would use this great tool.

I’m hoping that as Firebug 1.0 moves to general release we’ll see more documentation.

Comment by Bernard Farrell — December 14, 2006

I love Firebug, but unfortunately the new Firebug 1.0 beta crashes when run off of a flash drive via Portable Firefox :-/…

Comment by Andy K — December 16, 2006

“I think Dion almost fired him on the spot”

Wow — Is the difference in productivity so high ???!!!


Comment by anjan bacchu — December 16, 2006

Have you tried bookmarklets? Bookmarklets are bookmarks that consist of javascipt.
You can find some here:
You should try the JavaScript shell. It features realtime interaction with the open page and autocompletion of property names. Other nice features are multiline input and input history.

Try it out!

Comment by Toon Convents — December 18, 2006

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