Monday, August 7th, 2006

Implementation of Office 2007 Ribbon with Ajax

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Kevin from Noovo Communications in Korea sent in an interesting link to their Ajax-based webpage editor. I confess, I haven’t kept up with the on-line webpage editor space, so I have no idea how impressive this is relative to other such sites.

However, I was intrigued by their attempt at implementing the Microsoft Office 2007 “Ribbon”, Microsoft’s attempt at replacing that enshrined-and-well-respected UI paradigm, the pull-down menu, along with its younger brother, the toolbar.

Here’s the original:

Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon

And, Noovo’s version:

An Ajax Ribbon

If you play around with it, you’ll see that the Ajax version has some of the Ribbon’s pull-down behaviors, too.Noovo also has a blog announcing their creation, though they don’t make particular mention of their Ribbon clone.

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sorry, what’s a ribbon?

Comment by poni — August 8, 2006


The Ribbon is a new UI container element for all the buttons we already know from Office, etc only it’s ordered in a new way. Check out more about the ribbon at

Comment by Ulrik Kold — August 8, 2006

I think the first comment says it all: way to implement something 0.01% of users are already familiar with. Why would you need UI/ID folks when you have a dozen developers who want to do something new?

Comment by Tom Clancy — August 8, 2006

And this so-called “ribbon” doesn’t have tabs. What’s the point? You can’t switch “tabs” with your scroll wheel.
But it does collapse.

Comment by kourge — August 8, 2006

kourge : I’m guessing if it has any kind of API you can implement tabs yourself fairly easily. Does it do some of the smart-collapse stuff that the office 12 one does?

Comment by Alexei — August 8, 2006

Alexei: There’s a little minimize button in Noovo’s implementation that lets you collapse the bar.

Comment by kourge — August 8, 2006

the “smart-collapse” stuff in Office 2007 doesn’t minimise the ribbon though; as the width of the window gets smaller it drops off text labels, makes icons smaller, and even pushes things that were on 2 lines onto 3 lines (as very small resolutions/widths). it’s a nice feature ;)

Comment by carter — August 11, 2006

oh, and it does the same kinda thing in the opposite direction… adds text labels, icons can increase in size, icon groups can take up less rows… and in some cases where things like styling/formatting options are displayed, it can display say the top 10 formatting options instead of the top 6, or something like that!

Comment by carter — August 11, 2006

Well, Microsoft has agreed to offer free perpetual licensing for their Office Ribbon UI scheme (these folks don’t qualify because the license excludes direct competitors to Office products).

But, anyone else trying to implement MS ribbons can get licensed. All I ask is that they follow MS’s Ribbon Guideline Book (freely available to licensees).

Comment by LeMel — December 6, 2006

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