Monday, September 26th, 2005

inetWord: Ajax HTML editor

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Tom Snyder of ForwardCenter, Inc. has released inetWord a fully functional HTML editor written using Ajax technology.


  • The editor UI never reloads, even during document save, autosave, open, spell check, etc. This is great because coding a whole application in JavaScript takes a lot of code.
  • The formatting dropdowns and dialog boxes are very responsive.
  • The editor uses full CSS and can perform any edits that a desktop editor can (e.g. FrontPage). No widget compromises. Tech note: we’ve overcome the limitations of execCommand() which has up ’til now limited browser-based editors.
  • The home page is the editor. Anyone can run it without logging in. Free accounts are available if you want to save or publish you pages. A simpler, traditional (no script) home page is here.

The quickest way to understand inetWord is through our brief demo videos. Here’s a chart detailing the editor capabilities. Here’s a gallery of templates (built using inetWord) that come with inetWord.

inetWord is built with iframes and simple onload= events to process server responses. The client side is pure JavaScript and the server side is PHP. InetWord currently requires IE 6.0. A Firefox version is in the works.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:28 pm

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I thought the real news re. AJAX was the ability to build browser independent Rich Internet Applications using Javascript, xmlHttpRequest() etc… This product actually demands an IE browser ??? Try the page from Safari, Mozilla, or Opera.

Comment by Kingsley Idehen — October 1, 2005

Works fine in Firefox 1.5.

Comment by Werewolf — March 10, 2006

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