Monday, October 10th, 2005

Inquisitor Instant Search

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We loved Google Suggest, the Ajax mother compared to Google Maps, the father.

Then we saw Yahoo! Instant Search, which was ok….

But now we have the best of both worlds, with a sleek Son of Search: Inquistor Instant Search.

It gives you both “are you looking for” info a la Google, and search results a la Yahoo…. but for each search!


It looks like Apple designed this puppy doesn’t it? :)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:08 pm

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When functionality is a given, beauty is the next level.

I for one welcome the beautiful web!

Comment by Delighted — October 10, 2005

“It looks like Apple designed this puppy doesn’t it?”

Thats because they did. You just riped it off.It is good, but try to come up with a unique look

Comment by Andrew — October 13, 2005

Looks very nice.

U may want to check the new Instant Web Search on the Demo Ajax Portal ( which does a simultaenous instant search on YAHOO and GOOGLE.


Comment by claude hussenet — October 14, 2005

Dave steals yet again.

In inquisitor ajax, the search results are not provided by Google, they are powered by MSN Search.

Want proof? Check out and see what you see. This seems to also be against Microsoft’s policies on their experimental RSS feeds, as they state “please don’t recreate our search engine with them” on their weblog ( — of course, this last part doesn’t bother me much).

Yet more examples of Dave’s flagrant lies and deceit. He states this information absolutely NOWHERE on his site, nor does he state that he uses Google suggest to power the other results. This is likely against Google’s notoriously strict API license as well.

Comment by George Bezel — October 26, 2005

Claude, do you seriously have no life other than posting trash like this all over the web? You don’t even modify the posts, just copy and paste to get your message across. Know what? I don’t use the web search anyway since I have the toolbar in Safari. Nice try though, but really, no one cares.

Comment by Tim Dehring — November 7, 2005

Sorry Claude, I meant to direct this to George.

Comment by Tim Dehring — November 7, 2005

Anyone know what happened to this site – its been down for a while

Comment by Jon — March 29, 2006

another flash-in-the-pan. Link now 404, so don’t waste your time.

Comment by hejaxmeoff — April 24, 2006

Yes! Finally the final piece I needed. Thankyou!


Comment by Darksky Alaskan Malamutes — June 7, 2006

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