Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Integration of Spry and PHP/MySQL

Category: Framework, PHP, Programming

Mike Kornienko writes in this new blog entry about his experiences (complete with code) integrating the Spry Ajax framework into a simple PHP/MySQL application he develops:

Adobe have recently released its Spry Ajax framework for public beta-test by developers and I’ve been playing with this baby for a while. And here’s some kind of report of what I have learned.

He gives several examples of the integration in his post, including the PHP to make some basic XML for Spry to use. His base-level Spry example grabs this data and just echoes it back out to the page via an HTML form. Before finishing it off with the full HTML/Javascript code, though, he shows how to sort by a specific column in the data (in this case, the ID column).

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 6:51 am
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