Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Intent to deprecate and remove: JavaScript

Blink has been a frequent source of innovation ever since it forked and a bold proposal on the Blink list today is no exception. We’re all about deprecation and removal around here, so Konstantin Nikitin’s idea created quite a buzz at Ajaxian HQ.

Removing JavaScript will lead to significant performance improvements:
— A lot of problems with inappropriate usage of blocking scripts will be solved.
— Code of the whole project will become more readable and easy to understand.
— Security will be improved dramatically.
— Battery consumption decrease is going to be > 86.3%.

Public signals

Vendors. Firefox and Microsoft are going to agree with this tasty proposal.

* “I hate cookies, JavaScript, this is all for ANB spying us”,
* “I don’t like remote code execution on my machine”.
* “My brother beat me with `JavaScript for dummies` book, so I am against JavaScript”.

Read the full proposal

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 9:40 am
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