Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Interface Elements for jQuery

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Interface Elements is to jQuery, as is to Prototype.

It contains a slew of UI controls such as:

You can see these all in action via the demos which include some real world-like examples.

Download the package here (zip).

Interface Elements for jQuery

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:06 am

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This looks great! Although I personally use Prototype more often than jQuery this could possibly come in handy.

Comment by Garrett Langley — May 24, 2007

Looks great, but they still have some problems with browser compatibility: I tested this out in FireFox and some things like the autoexpanders didn’t seem to work. I also loaded up IE 6.0 and couldn’t use any of the sliders or anything that incorporated a slider.

Comment by Jon Hartmann — May 24, 2007

Keep in mind that the authors of Interface are working on a complete rewrite. They’ve been intentionally quiet about timelines, because they don’t want people to get crazy with expectations on when the new version will be available. However, they’ve stated that “Interface 2” will take care of all the remaining bugs, as well as making it easier for them to fix new ones. We’re all waiting anxiously!

Comment by Brian Miller — May 24, 2007

Yeah, don’t get me wrong it looks awesome, and its a very nice feature set.

Comment by Jon Hartmann — May 24, 2007

I can’t wait till Interface 2 is released! Love jQuery, and I really want to do all the fancy stuff I can do with in jQuery as well. Interface 1 has a lot of goodness, but it’s a bit buggy and I don’t think v2 will be all backwards compatible, so I’m hestitant about using the current verison.

Comment by Joakim — May 24, 2007

Nice work! I like the Transfer to Element effect.

Comment by Alex — May 24, 2007

Interface Elements is definitely one of the few frameworks on our list, great job guys.

Comment by Liming — May 24, 2007

Interface definitely rules!!!

Comment by MP:Schorsch — May 24, 2007

Seems neat. Sure makes Safari crashy though. :(

Comment by Trevor — May 24, 2007

SAFARI crashes…sliders and something want work in IE….some other stuff fails in FiFo. But…is this the fault of the jQuery-Developers. Praise the dudes for doinf this and “waste” there time to spip around browserincompatibilities.

sometimes all humans will be good, speaking one language, feedinf each other, treat everyone else good and use one renderEngine in one browser. sometimes….

untill then, work on the “one” thing…hopefully together…sometime… … .

Comment by JSerror — May 24, 2007


Sounds nice. In the meantime though, those of us who do this for a living need to worry about browser compatibility. I’m certain the jQuery developers don’t want to crash my browser, so I shared the fact that it does in good faith. Hopefully they’ll resolve the issues, because they’re now aware of them.

I always find it ironic how much “can’t we all get along?” sounds like “why don’t you all shut up?”

Comment by Trevor — May 24, 2007

I’m using the draggable section to make some clientside sticky notes. Pretty much rocks the house and I’ve had no browser issues whatsoever.

Comment by Pete — May 25, 2007

I have ‘some’ browser issues. With the Interface homepage. Quite a showstopper, if you ask me…
I was very excited too, until I tried this in IE – even the Interface homepage hangs IE6! Not that it’s my favorite browser (which is why I didn’t notice at first), but it still needs to be supported. And apparently Safari crashes – slightly more efficient, as usual, since you don’t have to open the task manager to kill it, but still.

So I hear there’s a v2 coming. Sounds nice – when is it due?
Let’s check the forum or mail the authors… Hmm, wait a minute: no forum, no contact info whatsoever. Well, perhaps you’re supposed to check the jQuery site. Ok… So there is a jQuery plugins mailing list that might possibly contain some info about this, if we’re lucky – except the archive link is broken. And a mailing list.
A mailing list! That’s not very Web 2.0, is it? Infact, it’s not Web at all – not any version. This is like pre-gopher stuff: a mailing list. Waddahell is wrong with a forum?

Ok, so maybe ‘mailing list’ is just the wrong term – I’m going to go ahead and join the jQuery general group to find out. The plugins -list still does not seem to exist, though.
//end rant

Comment by Marc — June 6, 2007

Interface is a fuckin piece of shite. The “documentation” is a turd, the code is buggy as a horse dung.

Comment by Sebhelyesfarku — August 30, 2007

This is, well, OK. It still has major margin rendering issues, crashes IE7, IE6, Safari 2 and 3, and it has different syntax than jQuery (sorta: syntac is UpperUpper, and jQuery is lowerUpper…)

Comment by Meef — September 3, 2007

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